Who wants to have a beautiful young British masseuse laying her hands all over their body? Or laying her body all over their body? Now it’s beginning to sound complicated! There’s nothing complicated about Skye however. When this lovely young masseuse joined the team we knew we’d be in for a treat. As an agency it’s always good to have a new girl, business always improves for a time. But Skye has a personality that we knew would be an immediate hit with our clients, and it’s proving to be true.

She has a sense of humour that’s contagious (not to mention a very naughty laugh!) Skye is always smiling and she’s always happy to meet new guys looking to indulge in her specialist Liverpool Street sensual massage. It’s a specialist massage because she literally puts her entire body and soul into it. You see, to Skye, the art of sensual massage is less of a discipline and more of a form of entertainment to her. She loves to mix things up in her technique and tailor her massages to the individual she is with. She has a knack of knowing exactly what her clients want and she is very responsive to their reactions during a massage, allowing her to adjust and work their bodies in just the right way.

Perfect Liverpool Street sensual massage service

She delights in making her clients happy with her Liverpool Street sensual massage service. She always looks her best and has a delightful apartment that’s ideally located for anywhere in London City to be honest. Skye is happy to entertain incall bookings, or come to your hotel if you’re reasonably local to her and she has the time to travel. Simply call us with your booking requirements and we’ll get the two of you together.