To make a booking please call me on: +44 (0)736 63 597 88

Call Now

We work by appointment only so you will need to call in advance and booking first, ideally please try to give us plenty of notice.

When you call to tell me who you’re interested in seeing and we’ll schedule this ahead of time for you or ask me who is available on the day for a spontaneous same day appointment.


Bookings are taken over the phone. We have decided that it’s by far the easiest and most efficient way of communicating your requirements, and if you do it this way you get virtually instant confirmation. Obviously, if you have any questions when you call, we may need to liaise with your chosen masseuse to verify whether what you’re requesting or inquiring about, is indeed possible.

We have a trusted and dedicated, English speaking and professional receptionist working with us at Chase, and you can rest assured that she will be able to answer all your queries without a problem. Please be polite and you can expect the same in return. You will be asked for the following information:

  • Name
  • Number (please do not withhold your number)
  • Location (if outcall services are required)
  • Choice of masseuse
  • Choice of services


Privacy Policy

Please note that any information you give us regarding your identity or location, will not be stored by Chase Massage. All information regarding your booking will be deleted once your booking is complete. We have a very strict privacy policy, and we know that our clients all appreciate it.

Give me a call now +44 (0)736 63 597 88