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This is a little blog about some of the concerns you gentlemen have about booking a body to body massage. We’re writing predominantly to those of you who have yet to book our sensual massage services here in London City, but also to those of you who have already. Some of you have had a tantric massage with one of our girls, but have neglected to try the body to body massage experience, usually for one of the following reasons.

Chance of injury during a body to body massage

This is incredibly slim indeed. Whilst we understand completely where you’re coming from with your concerns about a body to body massage, there are a few things you need to understand. Firstly and most importantly, the girls who do this type of massage are not 20 stone fatties! They’re not heavy at all. Each of the masseuses we represent have very slender figures, and even those who are a little “top heavy,” for example, are nowhere near heavy. And besides all that, when they give a body to body massage, they give a professional one. They never spend too long in one spot when they’re gliding their naked bodies over yours. There are specific techniques employed by all the girls, and whilst they’re all unique in their service, they share many similarities when it comes to this type of massage.

Your age doesn’t matter either. Nor does it matter if you have previous injuries you are worried about aggravating. It’s simply unlikely. But if you are concerned in any way at all about this, make your masseuse aware of your concerns at the beginning of your booking. These girls are professionals and they’re quite used to questions and concerns.


Hygiene, we have to say, isn’t usually a problem on the part of the masseuse. If there are every any problems in this department, it’s usually because the client hasn’t showered properly. In the same way as you’re not going to get a clumsy fat woman rolling around all over you, you’re not going to het a smelly masseuse either. And if you’re worried about any type of genital contact, this isn’t something you need to be worried about either. There is no sexual intercourse involved in any massage at Chase, and certainly not in a body to body massage. It’s not about that at all.

body to body massage


Some people get embarrassed about getting their clothes off initially, and then they worry about how the masseuse will feel about gliding over their naked body. But there really isn’t anything to worry about here either. These girls do body to body services all the time and we’ve never heard them complain once. There’s also the “wind” issue. No-one will judge you if you pass wind. It happens. Not all the time, but sometimes it does. When you consider that another person is putting pressure on various parts of your body, it’s perfectly normal. The girls have a great sense of humour too, so if you feel like having a giggle about it, go ahead, it’s not a problem. You’re here to relax remember!

We sincerely hope that has put your mind at ease about our body to body massage service. Go and book one!


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