naked massage

Well, should shower all the time when you’ve going to have a massage, shouldn’t you? But you would be surprised at just how many clients actually don’t want to to. They tell us that they’ve “just had one,” or they “had one this morning,” or they’re “not smelly” etc. Whilst we appreciate that you may well feel clean, and we’re not insinuating that you are at all dirty, you are going to have a naked massage. It’s not like you’re sitting down for a head, neck and shoulders massage like they have in some shopping centers. You are going to be naked, and chances are so is your masseuse.

Body to body naked massage

So, we’re sure you can appreciate the necessity for a shower! Most of you enjoy the delights of a body to body naked massage. This is what we are renowned for after all. All the girls are very competent at this and they all have their very own unique styles. The only way to find out which of these unique styles you like best is to book all of the girls!

You’ll be asked nicely

You will be politely asked to take a shower. So, rather than cause a scene and a source of embarrassment for yourself when our masseuse asks you to leave, save the excuses if you have any, and just take the damn shower!

You needn’t worry about smelling of anything other than gentlemen’s toiletries either; before or after your naked massage. All the girls have very well stocked apartments with everything you could need. But if you’re still concerned about going back to your wife or girlfriend smelling differently than you did in the morning before you left for work, perhaps it’s a good idea to keep some of your own toiletries in your bag, or at work. You can always go out and buy some extras can’t you? That way you will always smell how your partner remembers and recognises.

Worries about time?

We think this may be an issue for some of you. We understand that you are keen to get your naked massage underway, but have you ever stopped to think exactly how long you spend in that shower? It’s literally minutes isn’t it? You just need to freshen up. No-one is askign you to wash your hair or paint your toenails for goodness sake. And for those of you who have never booked sensual massage services don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to make you feel amazing.