It’s not unusual for some of our clients to have fantasies about who they would like to be massaging them. It’s not unusual for men to fantasise anyway (or women for that matter of course). What you need to understand when you’re booking one of our London tantric massage girls is that they don’t mind at all if you’re fantasising about someone else’s hands all over your body. It’s an intensely erotic experience and you should heighten it in any way you want to (within reason of course).

Our girls are gorgeous, but yours may be better

We will not be offended in the least. We know that you will choose your London tantric massage girl based on her looks anyway, so we already know you find them attractive. And we can thoroughly assure you that each and every one of the girls is a solid professional and has her very own unique way with sensual massage. You’ll never be disappointed. All you have to do is rest your head back and let us do the work.

London tantric massage

Close your eyes and think about whatever you want

It’s your head, your thoughts and your experience. So if you would rather think about Angelina Jolie giving you your sensual massage, so be it. It’s up to you. It’s a private moment for you and you’re entitled to think about whatever you like. If you’d rather watch our London tantric massage girls do their work, then this too is absolutely fine. If you’ve never been before, we don’t mind telling you that they look fabulous when they’re doing what they do. Particularly so when they’re giving you a naked body to body massage. This is one of the most popular massages and all the girls love giving them.

Leave us out of your fantasy

However, if you want to fantasise about another woman, please don’t ask us to pretend to be someone else. It’s not really our style to do this to be honest, and it would kind of detract from the general mood of the whole experience. The girls like to “get into it” as much as you sometimes and they kind of get in the zone with your massage; especially when they’re building you up for your inevitable conclusion. They work very carefully to keep the carefully contrived ambience of the whole affair very sacred and true to the tenets of the Tantra. It would be a shame to break their concentration by pretending to be someone they’re not. You however… You can think whatever you like!

Our London tantric massage girls are here to make you feel good… Take advantage of that fact!