We know that plenty of you go back into the deepest, darkest parts of Essex on that train from Fenchurch Street. But when you’ve had a particularly gruelling day at the office, wouldn’t you prefer to get yourself a Tower Hill tantric massage before you go to the station? After all, Fenchurch Street station is literally around the corner from Tower Hill right? And we have some wonderful young masseuses available in this area to relax you before you head home.

Tower Hill tantric massage

Incall Tower Hill tantric massage

We have been in the tantric massage business for a long time and realise the importance of an incall apartment and know just what’s needed. Not least because if you are having a Tower Hill tantric massage before you go home on that Fenchurch Street train, you have to book an incall, because you have nowhere to go! All the apartments are easy to find, yet they are very discreetly located (we know, it’s a bit paradoxical, but there you go!). On top of this, you will find that all the apartments have excellent facilities, comfortable furnishings and a very ambient atmosphere. We know that there is more to a sensual massage appointment than just the girl who is massaging you. You need to feel comfortable and you need to be relaxed in order to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Go home scent free!

We also happen to know that a number of you have partners and/or wives that may not be overly pleased with you having a quick Tower Hill tantric massage before you head home. You needn’t worry about them finding out of course. You handle your lateness excuse and we’ll handle everything else. Even though our girls are always fresh and smelling lovely, if you request that they don’t use any scented oils on your body when they give you the massage, they won’t. They’re very professional and know the score. On top of that, we have excellent shower facilities in all the incall apartments, with a selection of men’s toiletries for you to choose from. Trust us, we know what we’re doing!