Two things that go hand in hand if you ask us! Well, if you do both in moderation of course and you are careful about how you mix them. We’re sure we’ve told you before about drinking too much before your Camden tantric massage. It’s not going to go well if you drink too much, and we’re sure you know the reason why!

Camden tantric massage

Camden town bars

Let’s have a little look at some of our latest favourites in Camden. It’s a lovely area to hang out with friends, take in the sights, have a few drinks and maybe a bite to eat. But it’s also a very good place to explore on your own and visit a few bars.

  • Simmons Bar on Camden high street. A nice little retro bar with all the expected hipster/retro décor. Great vodka cocktails (well they’re all good actually!) in a wonderfully friendly atmosphere. They also have good live music on occasion.
  • Be At One – Camden. This is quite an original place. Their list of cocktails is extensive indeed, and on top of that, they offer masterclasses in mixing them! So that’s something different to do whilst you’re waiting for your Camden tantric massage. Nothing like keeping your mind off your booking!

Like we said, have a drink or two before your Camden tantric massage, but don’t go overboard. A nice drink to settle your nerves before meeting your stunning masseuse is sometimes a good idea, depending on your mood. You don’t need any inhibitions when you’re going for a sensual massage. You do know that you’ll be naked right? LOL!

Camden tantric massage

Getting a Camden tantric massage is very easy when we have masseuses residing there, and nearby. Take a look at our gallery of masseuses. In actual fact, if you choose any one of them you won’t be too far away, since most of the girls are located around this part of London. Don’t forget though, whether you’re in Camden or not, our masseuses do offer a great visiting massage service.

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