Getting a tantric massage is all very well and good, but you can make it a whole lot more interesting by turning the whole thing into an experience. We have very talented professionals working with us at Chase Massage, and we trust completely in their ability to make you feel fantastic. We have masseuses in many areas, but today we’re looking at creating a Hoxton tantric massage experience.

Hoxton tantric massage

Where does a Hoxton tantric massage begin?

It doesn’t begin at your masseuse’s apartment believe it or not. At the risk of sounding a little “wishy washy” we’re going to tell you that it begins in your mind! You need to succumb completely to the idea of a tantric massage and get yourself excited at the thought. Not too excited we might add!

Next you need to choose your masseuse. Obviously she has to be available in Hoxton, otherwise it won’t be a Hoxton tantric massage will it? If you’re struggling with this all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll tell you who is available and where she is etc. You need to book in plenty of time so that you can plan your experience!

Find somewhere to reflect

There’s nothing worse than rushing to a massage appointment. You don’t want to turn up all panicked and stressed out. You need to be relaxed before you arrive for your Hoxton tantric massage, so we’d like to give you a couple of places to go and hang out. Make sure you arrive at least half an hour early so you can enjoy the place and have a drink. Remember, relax, this is your experience.

  • Happiness Forgets. This place is perfect if you don’t want to be seen too, simply because it’s in a basement! It’s a lovely little speakeasy type place that’s really attracting some great reviews. The cocktails and the company are always good, and there’s enough quirky little spaces in there to have a drink without anyone bothering you. Where you can look at your Hoxton tantric massage professional on your phone!
  • Zigfrid von Underbelly. This place has a nice vibe to it if you want a really different experience. It’s good to go places where you wouldn’t usually go too remember. Why not make your Hoxton tantric massage experience one like this? Good music, a quirky environment with plenty of uniqueness etc. Check out the website anyway.

And your Hoxton tantric massage is here!

And finally, you’re ready to experience the best sensual massage in the area, but one of the most talented young ladies in the business. Make no mistake about it, when you book through Chase Massage, you’re going to get the best!